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This is Only the Beginning- Mr Exotic

This is Only the Beginning- Mr Exotic

This is ONLY the Beginning 

 A short story about Exotic world 

2017 - Exotic World was born
Exotic World has been an idea for the last 10+ years, became a website in 2017 and a store in 2020.
2020....What a year ! 
Covid-19 / Lock Down, We (Mr and Mrs Exotic lost our previous Company, Lockdown hit us just like it did with millions of South Africans and with little to no Finances,  we pushed Exotic World to open !!
Since 2017 , we have started teasing about Exotic World fantasy and custom adult toys, we have built a community around our brand on social media (Twitter being our main page). 
Our community,  young to old, vanilla to kinky and avarage to Adult creators !!
Fast forward to now !!
First we would like to apologize about 2022 SEXPO... 
The reason we where not at the SEXPO 2022.... 
We had the opportunity to be on a   Documentary Film, the documentary is about SEX - Why is sex still a Taboo topic in South Africa,  why is the Adult industry and  Adult creators rising in SA , and of course how and why did we start the " THE FIRST ADULT CUSTOM FANTASY STORE  IN South Africa and the whole African continent. 
For a (Afrikaans oukie ) that had to do it in English, 3 hours of sleep (Halloween toy launch and loads of crew members watching me in silence....what a nervous but existing experience! Time was limited and I couldn't say everything I wanted to ! (Don't think everything came out the way I wanted it to either as it was my first TV interview) 
Will post the video when we get it !
We felt we had to take this chance to stand up for our Adult industry,  and for all SA Adult Content Creators!  We have had your back since day ONE!!
Second reason.... 
We are the FIRST SA and International store that gives all Adult creators  discount BECAUSE WE SUPPORT THEM ! The SEXPO is just a flee market with normal Toys .....but ..... We will be at ( A SEXPO event...and it is going to be epic ....stay tuned .... 
I would like to trace back to (We are the FIRST custom Adult store in South Africa (Africa) and the FIRST to support Adult Content creators !! 
A few new "custom" stores have popped up in SA recently.... claiming to be the same just to profit off South Africans .... our message to all NEW fantasy stores are ... good luck, stop copying us and don't be fake .... I also made this clear on our interview..... rule number 1 (Don't be a Doos) 
Now that, that is said !!
Our plan and visions.
Like we stated  back in 2017, for our OG followers.  We are here to change the way people see SEX , We are here to eliminate the Taboo factor !!
We won't be just "another SEX Toy store", we will be a BRAND .... a Brand everyone knows and loves!   
Stay tuned, the next 3 months are going to be busy, new toys launching and to our male followers....your wishes shall be granted !!! :)
We would like to ask each and everyone  that follows us, to share our post and invite your friends to join us. Our goal is to get our Instagram to 10k followers by the END of 2022
As you may know, advertising our store isn't easy, Adult franchisees, and Karens keeps blocking and stopping us from advertising.  
We do need your help  #supportlocal 
To all our loyal customers,  followers and AMBASSADORS , We thank you for your support on this  journey. Without you, Exotic World would have probably be another failed Adult store. 
Like I mentioned before, we are a community and we are growing...we are changing the way we see SEX and everything related to it 
(To the haters, Karens and copycats .... we planned for everything.....and are always a few steps ahead......
We will end this here with the following ... 
Exotic World will soon launch something new and exciting...that will change the Industry both local and International  ....this is the reason we need to get to our goal followers on all platforms!  .....stay tuned .... :)
To be continued ...Mr Exotic


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